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Speciial Care Clothing Solutions are available to assist nurses and families to provide the most comfortable and dignified care possible, Special Care Clothing Solutions have developed a self selection care clothing package, for patients faced with both long and short term stays in care facilities. Take advantage of the 5% discount offered on the package.

Advice on helping your loved one through their illness.

When our loved ones are struck down by debilitating illnesses or accidents we want to do everything we can to help them recover or deal with the situation in the most comfortable way that we can provide.

Prolonged stays in hospitals and other care facilities can be extremely traumatic for most people and especially for the elderly and the immobile, and while the nursing team deliver excellent care, the additional problems caused by restrictions to movement can increase the pain and suffering that your loved one is going through.

Weak muscles and loss of joint movement lead to stiffness and pain in the joints, while loss of calcium along with ageing means that bones can fracture easily. Poor blood circulation lead to pressure sores, blood clots and inflammation of the leg veins.

All of this can make the stay almost unbearable even before dealing with the illness that caused the problem in the first place.

Nurses are of course the first people we look to make our loved ones comfortable and nurses take that role seriously. Nurses have a long history of caring for the patient and speaking for his or her needs. That is what advocacy is about, supporting the patient, speaking on that person’s behalf, and interceding when necessary.

It is the responsibility of the nurse to:

*      help the patient to be as comfortable as possible

*      Understand the problems which come from the patients immobility.

*      help the patient to avoid injury, and respect their dignity and comfort.


Now you, the family can help support your loved one through this difficult time, and help the nurses care for your loved one.

Your nurses will advocate on behalf of their patients for assistance to make your loved ones stay as comfortable as possible, and suggestions offered by the Nurses regarding the care and help required, for their loved ones comfort and dignity whilst in the care facility, should be taken very seriously.     

The Nurses have a major task every day caring for their residents and it is your duty, as the family, to help where possible to make lifting and changing easier and pain free.


Adaptive clothing is a simple solution and one that not only makes the nurses role easier but also preserves the dignity of the patient.  

* Using adaptive clothing designed to prevent lifting or rotation of arms to dress the patient, reduces the pain suffered and the chance of further injury.

* Open Back Trousers make it much easier for nurses to manage changing and toileting while maintaining the patient's dignity.

* Clothing with no fixtures against the body, greatly reduces the damage to sensitive skin that can lead to pressure sores.

Please help your loved ones by downloading the Care Package form, selecting the most suitable package and either fax to (07) 3343 4778, contact Special Care Clothing Solutions on 1300 780 755 or scan & email your order to