SpecialCare Central Inc.

 " Linking Service, Care & Support"


SpecialCare Central is designed as the information portal linking People with Disability, Senior Citizens and Carers & Families to Service Providers.   We bring service providers together through forums and our Disability Awareness & Opportunity Expo to communicate with each other and provide an improved services link for their clients.

We’re passionate about providing you the information required and have fun in the process.  Our current project is to provide a Television series showing up to date information for our Community.


All Service providers are welcome to register their service/facility/business on the SpecialCare Centrals website today

                                                 All enquiries can be answered by Yvonne on 0417 729 315 






        Communication, Respect, Integrity, Clarity & Compassion



It is our mission to bring awareness to the information needs of our senior citizens and of all people with disabilities. To enable and empower them to take control of their lives and independence, and to be shown the dignity and respect they deserve.   Achieve our purpose of "linking communication" and to be recognised as the principle portal for information for those with special needs and their carers.