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Recognised as Australia's leading supplier of quality Adaptive Clothing in design, product choice and sizing.  The Open Back or split back design is ideal for people with limited mobility, and nursing home care.

The owners of the business Frank and Yvonne Campbell began in 2005, when they created the initial range based on the need for adaptive clothing for the elderly when Yvonnes' mother, was confined to an Aged Care Facility with Alzheimers Disease.

Upon witnessing the difficulty carers had dressing her, and the indiginity and discomfort she often endured, it became clear that there was a need for specially designed clothing for those people with limited mobility due to age or disability.

If your loved one has just booked in to a nursing home or hospital, refer to the information in our Care Package.  Carer Business Discount Card Accepted.

The Special Care Clothing Solutions range with dignified lap over back design had been developed to assist home care and Nursing Home carers undertake the task of changing with ease, whilst at the same time helping to preserve the dignity of the person being dressed.

Over the years Yvonne and Frank have become aware of many different aspects of adaptive clothing requirements.    Yvonne said she began to realise the broader need after having been called to the Adoloscent Centre to assist young people, who had full mobility, yet needed specially designed clothing to assist them in their wellness program.   Networking with Disability and Senior groups opened our eyes further to different design requirements for people with many different needs.   We do our best to satisfy the ever growing need for clothing designed for ease of dressing and retention of dignity.

Yvonne is now Founder/CEO of SpecialCare Central Inc, a multi media information centre providing links for People with disability, Frail aged Senior Citizens, and Carers and Families to service providers and manufacturers.  For more information about this organisation click here.

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